Investigative Naturopath

If you're enduring a chronic condition, are struggling with an acute case (virus/injury), or simply want to"fire on all cylinders" then a Naturopathic session could give you the help you need. On his sick bed Steve Jobs noted that "Health is Wealth". Despite all that he achieved in his lifetime, he realised nothing was more important than a healthy body. We all know this, but often life gets in the way. YOUR BODY WHISPERS UNTIL IT HAS TO SCREAM! Avoid reaching crisis point by booking in for a health assessment. You won't regret investing in yourself

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With 18+ years experience in the natural medicine Industry Julie draws on evidence based methods & functional/diagnostic tools to assess your physiology & state of well-being. If you have digestive issues, are struggling with anxiety/imbalanced mood, compromised immunity &/or fatigue, wonder if your hormones are "right" or are just curious about your health status, with hopes to ENJOY YOUR BEST HEALTH, she can help you.

Formerly a radio journalist, with experience in marketing & publishing, Julie became a Naturopath after the virus Gillian Barre Syndrome partially paralysed her- she was unable to walk for many months & the prognosis was that her condition could be fatal. After exhaustive medical testing & prolonged hospitalisation, confined to a wheelchair with no viable solution, it was her natural therapy based recovery that inspired Julie to study for her new career. Working in pharmacies & health stores, a herbal dispensary & later consulting from leading wellness clinics in QLD, NSW & Coastal VIC, including a Community Health Centre, Julie has since travelled Victoria learning from & educating Pharmacists on how to achieve safe supplement/pharmaceutical interaction. Such collaborations are what drive her! More recent experience includes working directly with a leading Australian sports nutrition company & 3 "practitioner-only" brands of Australian health brands, supporting fellow practitioners in their own clinics too. Julie writes for parenting & health magazines & websites. She also enjoys presenting to community groups and has specific interest in mental health, being a widow herself to suicide.

An advocate for "the best of both worlds", Julie enjoys working with your Pharmacist, GP & other health practitioners to give you the best possible outcomes. She strongly believes that it is YOUR HEALTH, YOUR CHOICE. This means enjoying the best of medicine & "complementary medicine" however you choose.

  • Advanced Diploma Naturopathy (ND)
  • Diploma Applied Science (Herbal Medicine)
  • long-term Australian Traditional Medicine Society member (ATMS)
  • Batchelor of Arts (double major Journalism/Literature)
  • Presenter at Ivy College & Southern School of Natural Therapies (Nat & Nutrition students)
  • former employee Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals, Eagle Pharmaceuticals & BioMedica Nutraceuticals
  • Steiner education supporter & mother

My aim is to support YOUR choices. I am NOT anti-medicine, anti-vaccination or radical. I am PRO CHOICE. So if you're on long-term prescriptions & that serves you, I will support your choice. The Naturopath/client relationship is one of empowerment, providing you with the tools to make your goals happen. This might involve referral to other professionals. It takes a village to raise a child & equally as adults we might need to draw on varied strategies & services, as our needs change.



If you've never seen a Naturopath before, ask around! All my clients come from "word of mouth" - their friends & family have enjoyed the results of my services. Still, it is an individual journey. If you prefer a pragmatic Practitioner, we will resonate! I like evidence based outcomes & believe in the 80/20 rule - non-dogmatic, nothing compulsory - you're in the driver's seat. But of course for best outcomes your commitment is necessary - this way you'll get the best value for your money spent on our sessions.

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Supporting your mental health & well-being is a primary passion of mine. Listen to my video blogs or contact me via phone or email. I can work with your psychologist/GP for your best outcomes. IT'S YOUR HEALTH & YOUR JOURNEY.. & I'm here for you!