Investigative Naturopath

Are you enduring a chronic condition, struggling with an acute case (virus/injury), or wish to"fire on all cylinders"?  If yes, then a Naturopathic session could be timely.

On his sick bed Steve Jobs noted that "Health is Wealth". Despite all  his success, he realised nothing was more important than a healthy body. We all know this, but OFTEN LIFE GETS IN THE WAY - especially when there is hardship, caring for others or unexpected trauma that you simply have had to rise above & put behind you.

YOUR BODY WHISPERS UNTIL IT HAS TO SCREAM! Avoid reaching crisis point by booking in for a health assessment.

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With extensive experience in the natural medicine Industry Julie draws on evidence based methods & functional/diagnostic tools to assess your physiology & state of well-being. If you have digestive issues, are struggling with imbalanced mood &/or fatigue, wonder if your hormones are "right" or are just CURIOUS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH STATUS, after putting other things first, she can help you.

Formerly a radio journalist, with experience in marketing & publishing, Julie became a Naturopath after the virus Gillian Barre Syndrome partially paralysed her- she was unable to walk for many months & the prognosis was that her condition could be fatal. After exhaustive medical testing & prolonged hospitalisation, confined to a wheelchair with no viable solution, it was her natural therapy based recovery that inspired Julie to study for her new career. Working in pharmacies & health stores, a herbal dispensary & later consulting from leading wellness clinics in QLD, NSW & Coastal VIC, including a Community Health Centre, Julie has since travelled Victoria learning from & educating Pharmacists on how to achieve safe supplement/pharmaceutical interaction. Such collaborations are what drive her! More recent experience includes working directly with a leading Australian sports nutrition company & 3 "practitioner-only" brands of Australian health brands, supporting fellow practitioners in their own clinics too. Julie writes for parenting & health magazines & websites. She also enjoys presenting to community groups with  specific interest in grief & mental health.

An advocate for "the best of both worlds", Julie enjoys working with your Pharmacist, GP & other health practitioners to give you the best possible outcomes. She strongly believes that it is YOUR HEALTH, YOUR CHOICE. This means enjoying the best of medicine & "complementary medicine" however you choose.

  • Advanced Diploma Naturopathy (ND)
  • Diploma Applied Science (Herbal Medicine)
  • long-term Australian Traditional Medicine Society member (ATMS)
  • Batchelor of Arts (double major Journalism/Literature)
  • Presenter at Ivy College & Southern School of Natural Therapies (Nat & Nutrition students)
  • former employee Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals, Eagle Pharmaceuticals & BioMedica Nutraceuticals
  • Steiner education supporter & mother

My aim is to support YOUR choices. I am NOT anti-medicine or anti-vaccination. I am PRO CHOICE. So if you're on long-term prescriptions & that serves you, I will support your choice. The Naturopath/client relationship is one of empowerment, providing you with the tools to make your goals happen. This might involve referral to other professionals (particularly in cases of depression/suicide risk). It takes a village to raise a child & equally as adults we might need to draw on varied strategies & services, as our needs change. YOU ARE WORTH IT.



If you've never seen a Naturopath before, ask around! All my clients come from "word of mouth" - their friends & family have enjoyed the results of my services. Still, it is an individual journey. If you prefer a pragmatic Practitioner, we will resonate! I like evidence based outcomes & believe in the 80/20 rule - non-dogmatic, nothing compulsory - you're in the driver's seat. But of course for best outcomes your commitment is necessary - this way you'll get the best value for your money spent on our sessions.

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Supporting your mental health & well-being is a primary passion of mine. Listen to my video blogs or contact me via phone or email. I can work with your psychologist/GP for your best outcomes. IT'S YOUR HEALTH & YOUR JOURNEY.. & I'm here for you!