Your Body Is Your Teacher


Are you stuck in the habit of ‘shooting the messenger’ - with no time to deal with sickness?

Do you ever wonder how the mind-body connection plays out for you?

Has your body begun screaming?

Have you honed your illness recovery abilities by listening to your body's needs?

Could you consider illness as an opportunity for self insight and recalibration?


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What if your annoying symptoms were worth something?

NATUROPATH JULIE'S new book, launched recently @ The Urban Health Collective explores these themes, including the topics of anxiety, depression and overwhelmchildhood eczema, eating disorders, addictions, the physiological impact of grief, cancer, nutrigenomics, acne, infertility, growing pains, ADHD in childhood, arthritis & much more.

Real case histories from Julie's 18 years of clinical experience are included, offering you insight into how others have risen above their conditions, or at the very least, gained opportunity for self strength and resolve from their experiences. There is also a chapter highlighting the fact you don't need to be sick to get better!

Whether you’re struggling with an acute case like the cold or immersed in your own chronic health challenge, Your Body is Your Teacher will give you fuel for thought.

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(NB the above on-line orders include postage costs for quantity ordered. The book is only $25 & reduced prices & bulk orders are warmly welcomed for health clinics & wellness support groups or individuals struggling financially. If you prefer, call Julie with your CC details for personal pick up from her clinic, or local drop off to your home/office, to avoid extra costs).

Your Body is Your Teacher chapters also form the basis of book club groups that Julie facilitates. If your local health clinic or wellbeing group would like a copy of the book for support purposes, contact Julie to arrange.

Healthy Body cover

FREE copy of the Healthy Body book

A compilation of short stories including Julie's chapter "YOUR BODY KNOWS BEST".

New clients in Julie's clinic receive a copy of this great read or can purchase for friends & family. Other chapters include:

Drink Beer Be Healthy, Movement is Magic, What's love got to do with it?, The Alchemy of Optimal Health, Better teeth, better health, Happy Health, Happy Hair, The Body as a Temple, The Metaphysical World, Is Writing Bad for you?

extra copies only $20 per book - easy to read; there's something for everyone!

available in clinic or purchase with credit card by calling Julie HERE

Knowledge is Power

Julie produces informative client hand-outs - aimed to support & guide your health quest. Need details? Want the studies? Help is only a phone call away!