Good vs ‘bad’ food & working from home

Does your pantry need a “naughty foods” overhaul? 

(thanks to the close proximity to your kitchen, during these times of WFH- working from home)

At our house it’s difficult to keep the food entirely healthy given the kids want some fun snacks & are still eating through a village’s worth of Easter eggs.

BUT I am trying to balance the tide – going by the 80/20 rule of mostly good, a little “bad”.

To help you bring more “good” foods & super nutrients into your family’s diet, here’s my 4 favourite super foods:


acai berries pack a nutritional punch, containing powerful antioxidants that help protect our cells from free radical damage & support normal psychological function. Even Aldi sell acai powder to add to kid’s porridge or smoothies. I prefer organic options & the Amazonian sourced powder available via Loving Earth. 


rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, healthy fats & amino acids. Nutrients are leached from the bones into the water when broth is cooked. Broth is a highly nutritious source of collagen, calcium, silicon, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins A, K2 omega fats, glucosamine & chondroitin, zinc. Ingesting broth adds vital nutrients that is easily absorbed into your body, improving digestion, supporting your immune system, assisting with joint repair, plus the collagen boosts skin, hair & nail health. Broth is cooked a lot longer than stock so a higher content of nutrients is released over time making it a slow cooker winner.


the word cacao translates from ancient Greek to “food of the gods”. Any wonder Mayan & Peruvian civilisations used these as a form of currency. The raw unsweetened powder (or nibs) contains caffeine & theobromine that help to improve mental alertness, energy & concentration. 

Cacao contains 600 antioxidants – that is 111 times more antioxidant value compared to blueberries, 16 x goji berries. High in potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc & magnesium, fibre, protein. Dark chocolate made from cacao encourages serotonin production to calm the nerves so you can feel less guilty having a hot cacoa. 


less than 4% Australians meet their requirement of 5 serves of vegetables & 2 serves of fruit per day. A daily dose of super greens provides many nutrients often missing from the modern diet. These trace nutrients are necessary to help each cell function at each peak efficiency, leading to increased energy & endurance, greater clarity of thought & more robust immunity. Super greens help to boost energy & antioxidant levels in the body, making us more resilient to disease & ageing. They also work to alkalise & cleanse the body which is useful when inflammation & acidity are present. Also beneficial for the liver. 

And on a side note, it’s not exactly a snack but ought to be considered BEFORE thinking we are hungry (given dehydration & the need for water is often mistaken for the need for food)


it is important to drink lots of mineral rich water throughout the day. Small sips often may help avoiding a rush to the toilet. Viruses love to replicate in acidic & dehydrated environments – let’s not give them that opportunity. Aim for 2 litres daily which can include caffeine free herbal teas (or broth).

Slow & Steady wins the Race

Remember, all of us are tackling this “lock-down” together. Look after yourself but know that falling off track is to be expected – we are navigating new territory so self love & patience is vital. Bringing a few good habits in, will help crowd out the “bad’ habits. But if you fail, try again tomorrow. We have plenty of time!

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