Illness & Vulnerability

Sickness sucks
Let’s not sugar coat it....

When we’re ill our sense of control is diminished. Our vital force and verve are caput.

Any wonder we prefer to shoot the messenger and not allow ourselves to be overcome.

But when you next reach for a quick fix, consider this from Deepak Chopra:

“Every disease your ancestors successfully fought off is stored as the the antibodies you inherited, and when you ward off a new illness, like a new strain of flu, you add this to the memory bank”.

So by rising up to sickness, readily honing our illness recovery abilities, we help our fellow humans. We strengthen our race!

Seems noble, but who seriously has the time for sickness or bedrest?

Getting raw is not always where we want to go. And we surely wouldn’t share it with others. Portrayals of happiness, energy and action are more Insta worthy.

Here I am- no make up, bed unmade, face folding into itself, at a low ebb. I am menstruating, have cramps, stomach is unhappy from over indulging the night before, dehydrated & not up for the day. My inner eyelid is tender thanks to a very slow recovering case of blepharitis which is more annoying than debilitating. I’m not suffering a life threatening disease but I still have to decide whether I want to pro-actively surrender to my current state (stay in bed, take time off work, allow myself to fully recalibrate and recover) or push onward (take pain relief & rise above).

We make these decisions frequently.

When is it important to stop the default of showing up?
of pushing on, relying on crutches, covering the broken or breaking bits?

Do we allow ourselves some rope for being out of service? Does this happen often enough?

If we service our car, why can’t we have a bi-annual or quarterly body reboot days too?

I ask you explore this question when your body is whispering, and those whispers are beginning to get louder. I would also applaud you to allow some vulnerability into your life, particularly if there’s little left in the tank. Chances are, you’ll reap great benefits from the simple act of allowing.

PRESS PAUSE TO SOLDIERING ON, at least until tomorrow. And I’ll see you on the other side, with a brighter disposition.

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