Is your condition impacting your life?


Has it changed....

the way you are feeling? (what were you feeling before becoming ill and what are you feeling now?)

the way you are thinking?

the way you are feeling about yourself?

the way you are feeling about life in general?

your feelings toward others?

the relationship between you and your spouse, lover, partner, children, father, mother, siblings or other family?

your ability to work?

the way you feel about work?

your relationship with workmates or boss?

your employment prospects?

your mobility?

your financial state?

your ability to play sport?

your ability to travel?

your self worth?

your intimate/sex life?

your ability to take care of yourself, your spouse, your children, others

your need to be looked after?

your ability to be independent?

your ability to be happy?

your willingness to be adventurous?

your will to live?

In my view, your body is your teacher. Are you shutting out potential lessons, by not addressing the drivers beneath your symptoms? And is this having long-term consequences?

We will explore this topic further in my upcoming book Your Body is Your Teacher.