Learning from your illnesses

Have you been able to listen to your body lately? 

Is the mode of ‘soldiering on’ your default  - because you have little time to be sick?

Would you prefer to be back in control of your symptoms & body, for the best health possible?

These are the questions explored in my new book. Every chapter offers insights into the mind-body connection through a diverse range of examples - from childhood eczema, to growing pains in a young girl, a glandular fever battle of a teenager, cancer, arthritis infertility, addictions, eating disorders, acne, anxiety & more.

There are some quotes included too, such as this one:

Perhaps by pushing against any experience of sickness we rob ourselves of the opportunity hone our illness recovery abilities - to grow stronger from the discord, like a child overcoming an infectious disease that later thrives?

Learning & flourishing from our instances of illness sounds an ideal & possibly fantastical outcome & often resistance is a natural response - fear, lack of time, avoidance or simply not knowing what steps are best to take next, for you. This book celebrates the wins some of my cilents’ have had after investing in their whole well-being, but it certainly took their commitment & willingness to no longer make their body’s wrong. By this I don't mean denying the seriousness of their medical state - more in positively accepting what is happening; arming themselves with whatever support & treatment regimen most resonated for them, & then allowing the healing response to unfold.

For the stories that didn’t include a happily ending there are still jewels of wisdom to take; because it’s often not about the outcome but how the journey is travelled. Loving the broken bits being the recurrent theme.

The launch party of Your Body is Your Teacher was a great success; held recently at the beautiful foyer space of The Urban Health Collective in Collingwood. We enjoyed the lyrical magic of Magdalen Rachel Lockhart, lovingly made bliss balls & nourishing savouries, with all sorts of health drinks including sugar free kombucha, probiotic water, turmeric tonic & apple cider vinegar options, plus organic wine! It was a feast, a celebration & remembrance of those loved ones lost to suicide & cancer.

The pages were birthed from loss & heartache of my own experience with health crises, and those of others I've touched. There were many tears shed in its creation & also at the party! Celebrations, sorrow & reflections all mixed into one...

Here’s to the self-healer within you - the one I celebrate in this book. We all have that power in us, to meet & rise above our ailments... & when that is too difficult to achieve in simply honouring our body’s we move from a place of disempowerment to one of self growth & love, which is often the most important medicine of all.

I feel buoyed & blessed to share this publication with you:


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