Evidence Based Support

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Julie works to discover what's driving your current health status, drawing on latest technology, studies & her own case history findings.

The quotes pictured underpin her beliefs as a Practitioner - the inherent right & ability to be well is in your hands; her Naturopathic expertise simply serves to guide, inform, educate & empower you.

She can review findings of past tests you may have undertaken & together, gauge your best way forward with a measured approach.


Herbal Dispensary

Herbalism is the oldest form of medicine on the planet. Many synthetic drugs are made from herbal derivatives. Herbs are biologically diverse & by remaining in organic form they support the body's innate ability to correct itself.

These liquid remedies deliver a determined outcome, plus they nourish you with an abundance of antioxidants & nutrients with far-reaching benefits. You can receive a tailor made tonic of varied herbs specific for your needs containing active constituents & bundles of phytochemicals - life-giving goodness you can't buy off the shelf. Safety of use with your current medications is of course adhered to.


Retail & Practitioner Only Supplements

Julie stocks TGA approved vitamins, minerals & health supplements, with preference to those backed by a clinical trial or other evidence in efficacy. You always get what you pay for but it is understandable to sometimes feel confused.

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