The Body-Mind Frontier


Have you wondered how your physical & mental stressors connect?

Why is it that someone with irritable bowel syndrome – otherwise known as nervous colon, will experience worsened conditions when they feel uptight & worried? Like butterflies in the stomach it doesn’t happen magically- there is a physiological explanation which underpins the gut-mind axis.

Introducing the vagus nerve

One of the ten cranial nerves that branches from the brain to connect with varying parts of the body, the vagus nerve can be referred as the lifeline to the heart.
Why? in Latin vagus means to wander. Your vagus nerve is wandering daily… from the brain to the intestines, stopping along the way to your lungs & heart. As the longest nerve in your body its signals are produced by your gut microbiome – the bacteria within your gastrointestinal tract transmitting messages especially related to pain & stress.

By regulating the gut-mind highway the vagus nerve is a focus of research in reducing things like heart rate variability (HRV) which is directly impacted by our stress levels. Studies into vagus nerve stimulation show promising effects on addiction recovery, heart disease, mood & intestinal disorders plus memory loss & related outcomes like Alzheimer’s.

Vagus nerve regulation can influence the levels of inflammation in our body. We know that if left to burn chronically, the fire of inflammatory cytokines can deplete immunity, increase cardiovascular disease & dramatically reduce our life expectancy. Thankfully, there are some things you can do at home to support your vagus nerve activity based around self awareness & meditation.

I also encourage everyone seek mental health support at times of need. By investing in yourself this way, gaining tools for positive mindset & addressing the underlying causes of your stress your body will benefit too. Mind-body are truly one which is why I’ve launched a new program for Your Best Body/Mind.

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