Allowing vitality into your life

What makes you feel vital?

And what does vitality look like for you?

Is vitality a state of being strong, active, energetic and vibrant?

Or does it mean an inner calm and sense of quiet strength and vigour?

Remember, you are the custodian of your vital force. If it wants to express stress, anger, exhaustion or overwhelm, would you be willing to allow this? To not make it wrong and stop resisting against what your body is urging? Even if it woke you up at 2am in the morning, disturbing your sleep, or causing distraction, when you’re trying to do something else?

It can be challenging to stop your mind’s tendency to intervene. And surely, we are all faced with time restraints and conflicting commitments that may push us away from being present with our own inner discord, or changing rhythms of ups and downs, highs and lows.

What if you could allow and lean in to your discomforts, agitations and fatigue? To not resist or avoid?

To help you in this process you could try completing this sentence, over and over until you run out of answers/responses. Then sit with the silence and continue staying open to more of what unfolds. This exercise could be done with a partner or friend too, each taking turns to share for 2 minutes, really listening to what each other expresses. 

For example….

“I feel vital when I….. listen to my body and give it what it needs”

“I feel vital if….. I have a good night’s sleep”

“I feel vital by taking a bath”…. etc.

The feelings and thoughts in our body and mind can be regarded simply as information minus judgement of bad, good, positive, unhelpful, erratic, silly, annoying. 

If you can muse on this, there could be a nugget of insight, empowerment or simple acceptance. Perhaps by pondering the reverse scenario, you can get closer to really understanding how to nurture and maintain your own vitality. You could say…

“It feels hard when….

“I don’t feel vital if….

“I can’t do this because… etc.

By not judging our symptoms, or annoyances, and really hearing or feeling them we can be closer to our authentic selves, which instantly makes us more powerful, healthy, in alignment and vital. To resist takes a lot more energy than to allow!

Ask your vital force to guide you today and tomorrow. If the message is to slow down and declutter your schedule, instead of fighting that, go with that sensation. In clinic my aim is to work WITH your vital force, and help support you to get into that alignment so good health and self happiness, self approval, self love can shine. We are each our own worst critics and yet are uniquely powerful and magnificent far beyond what our minds, thoughts, fears and inhibitions can allow us to be. 

I look forward to hearing your feedback on any increased vitality that you have managed to harness by using this technique of allowing, accepting and hearing what your body is saying, right now. 

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