Chronic stress and your immune system


Did you know that when it comes to glucose, our brains can be selfish?

The brain and immune system have high energy needs and compete with each other for glucose in order to function. When we are exposed to chronic stress this can be detrimental and contribute to and worsen mood disorders, by creating other far-reaching imbalances.

The kind of disorders this can lead to include obesity, thyroid dysfunction, low-grade inflammation, Type 2 diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and immune dysregulation. 

As the brain strives to remain in homeostasis several adaptive mechanisms are overused, thus, chronic stress causes changes in the brain regions making you more vulnerable to environmental stressors and substance abuse.

The constant struggle for energy between the brain and immune system results in their ineffective regulation. Hence you are more vulnerable to increased likelihood of infection and inflammation which then worsens mood disorders.

The good news? 

Consistent moderate exercise helps to inhibit inflammation by moderating the energy-metabolism of the immune system.

It also has the potential to reduce the ‘selfishness’ of the immune system, through production of lactoferrin and other key anti-inflammatory components.

The key message?


Even the simple act of monitoring your walking steps each day can have far-reaching benefits for mood, defence and optimal wellbeing.

Focus on gut health too – this is where most of your immune processes occur, daily, and is the epicentre for your nervous system.

And if you need support, contact me for a consultation – together we can ascertain your unique needs as they stand right now, and create a treatment protocol or dietary regimen to help achieve your optimal health, minus this viscous cycle. 

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