Do you feel like you’re falling apart?

Perhaps your skin and joints would feel better with the nourishing effects of collagen?

Collagen is a protein that makes up 30% of the entire protein portion in our body. It is prevalent in many body tissues including hair, nails, organs, muscle and bone. The word itself is derived from the Greek term “kolla” meaming glue producing. Most pertinently collagen works like an inner coil or spring within the dermal layer of our skin and cartilage – providing the ‘glue’ that allows elasticity and cushioning.

Dietary sources of collagen include salmon, dairy products like eggs and cheese, and our usual source is broth – cooking with animal bones and meat for a lovely health inducing stock. While broth is highly therapeutic and beneficial for our immunity, digestive health and brain function, we would have to consume literally pots and pots full of broth to have a pronounced effect on our skin and joints. Also the gelatin that comes from this cooking process, when consumed it high amounts can cause some gastro-intestinal upset – many people get bloated after eating too much gelatin.

Moreover, from the age of 25 plus our collagen production diminishes from 1-2% a year. External factors play a part in this process, like drinking alcohol or taking certain medications. Sadly I see this in my clinic a lot – young people with aching joints before their time.

Many supplement and food companies now hydrolyse collagen – known as collagen peptides for optimal bioavailability and impact. This means we get more ‘bang for our buck’ and can quantify the effects more readily via dosage.

Somewhat like increasing the springs inside your bed mattress is the welcome outcome that collagen delivers. So if you are feeling a little flat in the skin, and equally are experiencing sore non-cushioned joints, collagen is a wonderful dual purpose supplement and food to buffer your body’s natural collagen loss and provide marked results. The great thing also is that it won’t contraindicate with your medication.

In a clinical trial on a bovine derived collagen – beef stock pressure cooked for 4 hours then dehydrated, after only 4-8 weeks of supplementation an increase in skin elasticity of up to 30% was enjoyed. Moreover eye wrinkle volume was reduced from 11-50%, with impressive results on cellulite over a longer treatment period (collagen helps compound the connective tissue so there is less of a dimpled look within the skin). These results were experienced in women 35-45 and 45-65 with more pronounced results in women 50+. For the guys and ladies too the studies on joints is equally impressive – improved mobility and the rebuilding of joint cartilage, reducing pain. 

Over winter I began taking collagen – my skin looked less tired and flat and I no longer needed to take glucosamine for my joint aches. Happy days! I will now alternate with these as my body dictates to me, & rest assured that I’m playing a part in reducing the diminishing levels of collagen my body is now producing.

In clinic I stock all types of collagen – powder, liquid, organic, and a broth blended with turmeric and black pepper. My favourite is a collagen blended with magnesium to work on both muscle and joints while I sleep. Many forms of delivery to best suit your palate and needs!

And for those preparing for a wedding or other special event, I also stock collagen shots – they are 12 times the dose of the clinical trial at 10,000mg per serve and can be used for short sharp periods for a flattering impact. 

See me in clinic for your collagen reserves and share this information with your friends who would like a safe, natural means of working with the body’s natural aging process. 

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