Fish Oil For Fat Loss

Eat fat to burn fat! It seems counter intuitive however there’s truth to this reasoning.

While certain fats don’t serve our well-being (processed and blended/unstable oils for instance) fats are absolutely essential for losing weight, maintaing optimal metabolic function and in achieving a young and lean body.

A 12 week study by the University of south Australia found that in addition to physical exercise, we need fish oil to burn off excess body fat. In the study two groups of participants aged 25-65 were fed exactly the same food over the trial period. Key difference though was that one group were given 6 grams of fat in the form of butter, olive.sunflower and peanut oil while the other group were given 6 grams of omega 3 fish oil

The total daily intake of omega 3 long-chain fatty acids was 1.8grams. The outcome of these test results showed conclusively that those supplemented with fish oil bunt approximately 26% more fat than those not supplemented with fish oil. The equates to a reduced fat mass of 1.6kg!

It is already widely known that omega 3’s can increase brain function and protect us from cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. This super fat is converted into 2 compounds within the body – DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). Both DHA and EPA perform essential jobs in the proper functioning of our bodies. That’s why omega 3 oils are called essential fats. We can’t live without them!

One of the key reasons omega-3s have such a powerful effect on fat metabolism is that they decrease insulin activity, which activates the enzyme lipase, responsible for breaking down stored fat, and preparing if for use as energy. In fact the supplemented participant’s levels were 50% lower than the subjects not taking fish oil. Given insulin in also involved in converting carbohydrate into fat, this effect is highly beneficial for those concerned with excess weight.

Beyond enhanced fat oxidation, improved memory and reduced heart disease, omega-3’s offer: healthier immune system, controlling of cholesterol levels, healthy skin, reduced inflammation and maintenance of water balance.

Most of us are deficient in Omega 3 oils. The explosion of saturated fats in our diets compounds this problem.  Food sources of omega-3 oils in descending order of concentration include: salmon, anchovy, sardine, herring, mackerel, trout, swordfish and tuna.

Because many of us are unable or unlikely to eat fish daily, fish oil capsules to supplement your diet are recommended. At Renew Clinic we stock high grade therapeutic fish oil capsules and liquid fish oil for your optimal well-being. Ask us for more details.




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