Getting Younger For Life

Did you know that?

  • having High Blood Pressure can increase our “real age” more than 25 years
  • many key nutrients such as vitamin D and folate if taken daily can retard aging
  • if our gut flora is chronically imbalanced and body pH too acidic our cells will age faster
  • autoimmune diseases are preventable, yet are major culprits for our ever “aging” society

Remember, age is not just a chronological measurement, it’s the rate at which our primary internal guardians of our health decline. That is, aging happens most especially in the cardiovascular and immune systems and by improving the quality of our lifestyle choices, we can enhance bodily functions to live to our full potential – or above and beyond!

It has been said that health is like money – it has an exchange value – therefore our health decisions and everyday choices today are capital toward living younger (or older!) tomorrow. Studies continually show that our behaviours have more impact on our longevity than hereditary does. Genes are the elements that carry our inherited information – they define basic biology – however how we interact with the world, whether through dietary social or exercise choices actually determines how our genes will affect our bodies.

Not taking care of our well-being equates to short-changing ourselves

Being mindful and investing in our well-being will translate to slowing the pace of biologic aging and capitalising more fully on our health potential.

My sessions are designed to help you to not only live LONGER but YOUNGER, whatever your ‘calendar age’. And it’s never too late or early to start.

By optimising your cell health and overall well-being – with virtue of insight from our in-house testing, these real improvements will translate to gaining years of your life.

Yes you CAN

  • lengthen and strengthen your life

(quantified by Oxidative Stress test results)

  • be in the optimal state for chronic disease prevention

(arthritis, heart disease and cancer rarely occur until our organs show sign of aging)

  • control your inherited genetics

(which shouldn’t account for more than 30% of all aging effects on our body)

  • adopt habits that protect you from aging to ensure vigor in years to come!

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