Health & Wellbeing Award

I was recently nominated for the AusMumpreneur awards for 2018, under the┬ácategories including “Making a Difference” and “Service Business”.

Well now they have established a new category, for Health & Well-being which I am FINALIST!

Why does this mean anything to me? The motive is, as always, in trying to help with the destigmatisation of mental illness, and demonstrate my passion in supporting WHOLE HEALTH, not only physiology, but spiritual and mental wellbeing. Even as adults, it sometimes takes a village to maintain our full and optimal health. Of course at different stages of our lives, our needs change. Whether you are a parent, single, working or stay-at-home, we all experience dark and light times and changing spiritual needs, as we journey along life’s path. What might work for you now might now work for you in years to come. I always say “It is you health, your choice”. If you need to rely on pharmaceuticals right now, that is ok. If you want to explore the drivers of your symptoms, that is also possible. There is no right or wrong, for anyone.

When I present my case to the judges for this award I will be voicing my hopes to gain momentum with our small “grief support group”, and work toward seeing such initiatives being part of other communities beyond my local area. Because sometimes we don’t have people around us – that “village” to help carry us through the difficult moments. And this is such a loss – part of being more fragmented and distant as we are able to live and work all over the world, not necessarily near to our extended family or loved ones.

The awards night is at the end of this month (August 2018). I will share the results as they come to hand.

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