Is alcohol use disorder creeping into your life?

Are you becoming dependant on alcohol?

Whether you’re an overworked executive, a mum juggling too many plates, or a millennial enjoying an active social life, you are each at risk of serious nutrient deficiency and poor health, if alcohol is becoming a common feature of your life.

Alcohol consumption doesn’t only affect our brain, it inhibits nutrient absorption, and indirectly delays gastric emptying, potentially contributing to bacterial overgrowth, gastro-intestinal impermeability and membrane damage. No wonder you feel hungry after a few drinks!

The result of imbibing too often can include deficiency of vital nutrients including all B vitamins, A, C, D, E and K, plus magnesium, selenium and zinc. Nutrient deficiency states can lead to chronic disease. And if we consider being low in any of these nutrients the host of illness susceptibility could include, impaired stress response system, depleted immune function, imbalanced nervous system/depleted neurotransmitters, reduced bone health, toxicity and liver load, poor energy and respiratory tract/skin disorders (to name but a few!).

What is smart or safe alcohol intake? Your body tells you when having a drink is going behind it’s therapeutic benefits of soothing a frayed nervous system and taking the edge off the occasional hectic day. If you’re not bouncing back the next morning, your body is again reminding you that there are other ways to unwind, and that perhaps it’s time to cut back on the drinking. There are a diverse range of supplements and herbs that can help support your efforts in avoiding AUD. Your body knows best, is it telling you it’s time to take a break?


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