Managing your meds

Are you noticing any side effects of your prescriptions?

If you've taken a medication long-term, are you able to ascertain what the impacts are on your nutrient status and other body systems, in managing your symptom with this drug? Could you be experiencing unknown adverse reactions to your script(s)? This was the topic of an article today on p7 of the Herald Sun newspaper titled Medicine Secrecy.

For many people - those suffering a chronic condition or simply wanting oral contraceptive protection, medications are a necessary part of life. There is nothing wrong with this, and we are fortunate to have access to trialled classes of drugs that can offer us the relief or outcomes we need.

However, we are all unique beings with different diets, genetic tendencies and changing bodies. What if your medication is no longer serving you and ought to be changed?

Unfortunately it is not typical for us to have access to long-term trails on the impacts of our drugs on our bodies, beyond the initial directive intended for use. Also, when we introduce other medications into the mix, or non-prescribed vitamins and supplements, the game changes. I have one client who has gradually "overdosed" on a vitamin that was well intended to support his health, but it has had the opposite effect after years of too high a dosage for his needs.

Sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing too!

Everyone on pharmaceuticals must be case managed. Equally, anyone taking natural supplements ought to have help managing these, particularly when a case is complex or you haven't had recent blood tests from your Doctor to check that you are actually addressing a real deficiency. For example a lot of people take the mineral iron when feeling low in energy, but it's not always the cause of that lethargy.

This is where a Naturopathic consultation is worth its investment- because your personal circumstances are investigated and considered before any treatment regimens are applied. We can also analyse what your current regimen is, and whether it will serve you, long-term. This can be in conjunction with your GP or Pharmacist. Remembering certain aspects of your medications may not be revealed or even understood & known, initially. This is not from neglect but more that everyone is unique & reacts differently.

After working in the Pharmacy space for over 20 years now, I understand that certain medications keep us going. Our body systems need support in this journey, avoiding nutritional deficiencies or excess and equally ensuring that a natural health remedy you are taking is not working against your script. The ideal scenario is to optimise your meds & keep you feeling better, longer, minus any detrimental impacts on your health & longevity.

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