My 5 Top Health Tips

Eat 20-50% raw & 100% “rainbow”

Enjoy a mix of cooked foods & salads etc with a wide variety of colour for optimal & diverse range of nutrients to keep you healthy on the inside

Tend to your Tummy

Gut health affects everything – including your brain. Just 1 dose of antibiotics could require up to 6 months probiotic for “good bugs” renewal. Even if you don’t have immune issues a strong digestive force is essential in best nutrient absorption & avoidance of advanced aging. Include pre-biotic forming food in every meal & care for your gut with aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in water at least once daily. Eat bitter greens & pineapple/paw paw while they are seasonal to stimulate your digestive enzymes.

Look into the morning sun’s rays for 1-3 minutes daily

It may seem strange but doing so can help balance your body’s circadian rhythms (easier to achieve in summer & often more needed if you’re burning the candle at both ends).This practice positively impacts your neurotransmitters such as adrenalin & cortisol.. & is particularly important if you’re having sleep or hormonal issues. if you’d like to discover what your specific ‘mood’ needs are I have access to a new and exciting tool to assess this for you – free of charge

Buy Organic

or at least educate yourself on the “Dirty Dozen” plus “Clean 15” to be aware of what fruit and vegetables are best/worst in terms of pesticide exposure

Connect with nature & animals

Endless studies show the positive impact pets & outdoor exposure can have on ourstress levels & sense of belonging. Don’t let the heat, work or other responsibilities this summer distract you completely from life’s simple joys. Animal shelters welcome visitors & the long daylight hours make it easier to get outside. Putting your feet in the river after a day in the office or walking a neighbour’s dog can be the difference between adrenal fatigue & balance. Small things count!

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