New Day – Younger You Turning Back The Biological Clock

What would it be like if you could feel younger, stronger and more powerful? How would your life change?

Relationships, work, parenting, striving and achieving in every-day life are all dependent on one major factor – your health, or lack of it. And the only person ultimately able to improve your well-being is YOU. We all know this but doesn’t life have a habit of getting in the way, so certain things take a back-seat? It might simply be a case of having little time to cook healthy meals, eating too much take-away… or it could be to the extent that you’re pushing through daily discomfort and pain because a quick fix and soldiering on (hoping for the best!) seems to be the easiest way.

Many factors have been proven to have a tangible impact on our wellness and body’s aging process. Diet and stress are obvious factors but did you know that genetic influences can be effectively managed and even reversed?! If diabetes or arthritis are rife in your family there is no need for these to be your “lot” as the years roll on. In fact you can get younger as you get older!

Many of my clients have reduced their “cell age” (as compared to their calendar age). This means that they have become “healthier on the inside” – with optimal longevity.

So if you’re 30 years old today, while your cells may be aging before their time and a cell age of 36+ is recorded, it is entirely possible to budge this figure down so you feel better than ever before. The underlying intention here is to reduce the effects of lifestyle and other factors that contribute to your body’s “wear and tear”.. and optimize your cell health so you’re truly “firing on all cylinders”. After-all quality of life is what we all want, isn’t it? Particularly in an age where we are destined to live longer.. Nobody wants to be a burden on aged care systems, their loved ones or their selves.

Studies show that chronic lack of sleep negatively impacts our insulin levels. Ongoing this can translate to metabolic syndrome – manifesting as weight gain, fatigue and advanced aging. The same studies indicate how a regular therapeutic massage can reduce inflammation and contribute to healthier hormone balance. Likewise the build up herbicides and effects of impaired digestion can accelerate the aging process by promoting a gut environment that “feeds” microbes and parasites.. allowing leaky gut syndrome or even food intolerances. All these factors have the potential to burden organs and your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients – thus not only health but normal functioning becomes impaired. Again, advanced aging is imminent!

With my guidance we can help turn back your biological clock. I have quantifiable measures to gauge this process – and a guarantee that if treatment protocols are followed you will in fact get “younger” this year. Imagine that!!

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