Slow down skin ageing with vitamin C & linolenic acid

by Julie O’Connell-Seamer

Beauty often comes from within, and studies by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have proven this. Their research shows that higher intakes of vitamin C and linoleic acid are associated with better skin ageing and appearance.

Examining the relationship between dietary nutrient intakes and skin ageing, the study suggest that higher intakes of these nutrients with corresponding lower intakes of (bad) fats and carbohydrates are associated with better skin in older age. These findings existed independent of other factors such as race, energy intake, education, sunlight exposure, family income, menopausal status, BMI, supplementation use and physical. 

Lower intakes of vitamin C in the diet were shown to result in prevalence of wrinkled skin appearance and senile dryness. The researchers suggest that this is due to vitamin C’s antioxidant properties and the role it plays in collagen synthesis, with possible photo-protective benefits.

The study also suggest that a higher intake of linoleic acid has the specific bonus of reducing chances of skin atrophy. This publication emphasises the positive effects of healthy eating and nutritional factors on wellness – both inside and outside the body.

Oils and foods containing linolenic acid include safflower oil (78%), poppy seed oil (70%), walnut oil, grass fed cow milk, olive oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, soybean, lard, coconut oil, egg yolks (16%), spirulina, peanut oil, okra, rice bran oil, wheat germ oil, grape see oil, macadamia oil, pistachio oil and sesame oil.

Naturally rich sources of vitamin C include all citrus fruits, bell peppers, rose hips, broccoli, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and strawberries. Because vitamin C breaks down quickly , especially when cooked, it is important to eat many raw fresh fruit and vegetables. 

For therapeutic grade vitamin C supplements – including liposome vitamin C which enters the cell membrane – by-passing the digestive process resulting in much faster and more powerfully lasting uptake of this key nutrient, come see me in clinic. We can help reduce your “cell age” and ensure you’re not only feeling but looking fresher than ever!

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