When garlic breath is golden!

Do you avoid garlic or enjoy, liberally?

If you revisited all the ways that this wonderful plant can boost your vitality and longevity dealing with garlic breath might be heartily embraced!

From the onion family, the root vegetable known as garlic is highly medicinal in its actions. While most of us know that garlic is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and immune enhancing, the sulphur within garlic called allicin, is also one of nature’s best anti-ageing chemicals.

Ingesting too much raw garlic can be toxic. And sometimes simply eating too much fresh garlic can irritate certain stomachs, especially those with low FODMAPS objectives. When considering therapeutic outcomes, to deliver high quantities with convenience, aged garlic extract is no doubt a wonderful choice – plus it reduces any garlic after-taste.

Here are just a few things aged garlic extract can do for you:

  • reduce blood pressure in hypertensive states
  • help prevent atherosclerosis and endothelial dysfunction
  • improve exercise tolerance and oxygen uptake 
  • lower fatigue
  • normalise blood pressure whether on medication or not
  • improve blood lipid profiles, reducing cholesterol
  • lessens “stickyness” of blood for reduced heart disease risk
  • improve the gut microbiome and therefore body’s defence system
  • keep you alive longer when cardiovascular disease is predisposed within your family

It is clear that garlic is an all-rounder that can sometimes be forgotten as we continue to discover new ways of optimising our wellness.

In my household we’re returning to basics. Freshly grated garlic on greens with some lemon and oil is enjoyed with meals. And aged garlic capsules are given to everyone when itchy eyes and nose sniffles arise on windy pollen-rich days. If you prefer a different method I also have an alcohol free liquid garlic herbal that is actually mild in flavour and mixes in readily with any other herb for synergistic benefits. 

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