Your Body’s “Spark Plug”

Did you know?

Co-enzyme Q10 is used in every cell of the body for energy production. It is often referred to as the spark plug for the heart. No other nutrient can mimic or replace CoQ10, it’s indispensable.

For those who have suffered a heart attack or are involved in athletic performance coQ10 strengthens and stabilizes the heart as it improves oxygenation – that’s why people suffering Chronic Fatigue or sickle cell anemia require high doses of coQ10.

Cholesterol lowering medications lower co-enzyme Q10 levels and have been linked to statin-induced myopathy so monitoring of these medications is suggested. Yet this nutrient can help lower cholesterol levels by influencing gene expression.

Vitamins A, C and E help protect against oxidation of this key fat soluble nutrient and iron and B vitamins aid its absorption.

Besides its cardio protective and energising actions it is less commonly known that coQ10 decreases inflammatory cytokines so is a useful therapeutic supplement for arthritis and psoriasis.

Mitochondrial dysfunction – a factor in the pathogenesis of migraine headache (particularly those with nausea) can be effectively targeted with coQ10 and L-carnitine.

A study on 23 children aged 2-6y/o with recurrent food intolerance and allergies (including asthma) were shown to have decreased muscle coQ10 than controls and that this was significantly correlated with their illness. If you have on-going food intolerance it is likely you could be coQ10 deficient so testing may be required or supplementation given as part of overall treatment.

For the middle-aged to elderly coQ10 is a wonderful supplement to take in helping to combat oxidation associated with ageing. Decreased oxygenation creates metabolic stress so avoiding coQ10 deficiencies is an important step in protecting ourselves against chronic disease too.

Find out if your body is crying out for this “energy spark plug” with my Oxidative Stress analyser. A food intolerance test is also available and could give you vital information on what foods are contributing to any health issues.

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